Lya Beer Café - Independant Craft Beer Bar in Prague

Krymská 39, 10100 Prague
+420 704 922 752

Monday - Thursday:   14:00 - 23:00
Friday - Saturday:      14:00 - 00:00
Sunday:                         Closed

Independant Craft Beer Bar & Bottle Shop with a carefully curated selection of Czech and international beer. Specializing in sours (lambic!) and serving local specialty coffee, sweets & snacks. Our café includes a one-box-vinyl-shop with electronic music from independent Swedish artists.

20% discount on ALL takeaway beer (bottles & draft)!


Thursdays - 16:00: Craft Beer Tasting - 8 Beers - 90 Mins
Fridays - 15:00: Blind Beer Tasting - 6 Beers - 90 Mins


25/2 - 19:00
Beer Tasting: Project Fenetra
Beer Tasting: Project Fenetra Project Fenetra is a brand new program by Clock brewery specialized in barrel-aged beers. It introduces beers inspired by both traditional beers and contemporary experimental brewing and heavily influenced by dynamic nature around it’s home of Potštejn. Brews made under this project are mostly aged in wooden barrels of various origins and sizes for several months to years and then further bottle-conditioned. Such an approach demands not only patience and discipline, but above all humility in the face of time. Majority of its beers pride in a specific, rustic and wild character deriving from natural and untamed local microflora, which makes these beers unique and inimitably authentic. The range of Fenetra beers is as diverse as the processes that shape them in the dark insides of the barrels. Krymská 8
Prague, CO 10100

29/2 - 13:00
Donuts & Brews Pairing
Donuts & Brews Pairing Begin your Saturday with a breakfast of donuts paired with exceptional brews! We do like a good beer buzz in the morning, and ideally with a healthy dose of sugar. So we’ve worked with 5 talented brewers and the one and only Donut Shop to create a guided degustation of hand crafted beers and donuts. We’ll taste 5 different beer styles: a mixed fermentation cherry sour, saison, sour raspberry NEIPA, pastry stout, and a rauchbier, alongside 5 different donuts. Krymská 8
Prague, CO 10100

7/3 - 19:30
Viny DJ Slim Vic: Funk & Disco Party
Viny DJ Slim Vic: Funk & Disco Party Vinyl DJ Slim Vic [SE] is back in town on the 7th of March dusting off some funk & disco records and mixing it up with some more contemporary tunes. Krymská 8
Prague, CO 10100

We have a small selection of electronic music from Swedish independent artists. Listen to our vinyls here or open the playlist in Spotify.

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