Lya Discount CardWin Merch!

How to win?

  1. Shop at Lya and get a discount card.
  2. Purchase beer or merch for over 250 CZK and get a stamp. On your 7th purchase, you’ll get 100 CZK off!
  3. Write your Instagram/Facebook username & email address on the back of your discount card and give it to a Lya staff member.
  4. Create a story on Instagram or Facebook, tag us @lyabeercafe, and use hashtag #lyadiscocard. For example, the photo could be of your purchase, you in front of our shop, the discount card, or you enjoying your beers.

Your card is thrown into a raffle held each month on the 25th (starting in March). The winner will be notified by Email.

What can I win?

Lya merchendise (Tote bags and t-shirts) and craft beer!

Lya Beer Café
Krymská 39, 10100 Prague
+420 704 922 752

Monday - Sunday:   14:00 - 20:00