Craft Beer Bar

Lya Beer Café
Krymská 39, 10100 Prague
+420 704 922 752

Monday - Sunday:   15:00 - 00:00


Family-run Craft Beer Bar & Bottle Shop with a carefully curated selection of Czech and international beer. Specializing in sours (lambic!) and serving local specialty coffee, sweets & snacks. Our café includes a one-box-vinyl-shop with electronic music from independent Swedish artists.


Draft Beer

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Bottled Beer

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3/9 - 21:00
Noise Kitchen Festival 2020
Noise Kitchen Festival 2020 Between September 2nd - 5th Noise Kitchen presents the Noise Kitchen Festival: a program of workshops and live music celebrating the official opening of the Prague store and collaborating with inspiring spaces and collectives operating in the neighbourhood. The events will take place between Noise Kitchen, Synth Library Prague, Petrohradska, Cafe v Lese, Lya Beer Cafe, BAR Krymska. As part of the curation, Synth Library Prague will bring a varied selection of workshops, discussions that will take place between Noise Kitchen on Krymska and Synth Library in Nusle. Krymská 8 Prague, CO 10100
4/9 - 14:00
Hellstork Tap Takeover
Hellstork Tap Takeover Slovak craft beer is a phenomenon rarely seen within our borders, Slovaks love their beers and they love to drink it themselves. It is nevertheless a world worth exploring and on the first Friday of September, we will do just that. Not far beyond our eastern borders lies Myjava, the straw metropolis. This small town is home to a name well known to many craft beer fans: Řemeslný pivovar Hellstork. Hellstork will come straight from the top of the Slovak beerchain, to bring us both their more traditional brews (don´t expect any lagers) to take over our taps and also their wild, spontaneous and experimental division - Wildstork to be poured out of bottles. Together we will taste at least 10 of their beers under the supervision of one of their brewers - Peter Holčík. We also asked our dear friend Richard, who lives in Prague, but also comes from the far east land of Slovakia, to pop up at our place with some of his famous Halušky to pair with your experience! Krymská 8 Prague, CO 10100


Thursdays - 16:00
Craft Beer Tasting - 8 Beers - 90 Mins
Fridays - 15:00
Blind Beer Tasting - 6 Beers - 90 Mins


We have a small selection of electronic music from Swedish independent artists. Listen to our vinyls here or open the playlist in Spotify.